Quiz that matches you
with your perfect pet.

Personal Project:
Mobile Design


Adobe XD


FureverPet is a mobile app design concept to help pet lovers find their best companion. The app features a personality/lifestyle quiz, information about the pet like size, lifespan, and energy level, as well as links of where to adopt these companions.

The goal was to find a way for users to find their best match in a fun and engaging way that was more interactive than just lists or filters.


I interviewed 6 people who had recently adopted a pet to identify pain points and challenges with existing sites. Through the interviews, I was also able to determine the types of traits users were wanting to have to narrow down their pet results. Some of these included: size, energy level, age, breed/breed characteristics, life span, health/care/grooming, interactions with other pets/children/strangers.

Additionally, I examined existing sites to see what they offer and what could make Furever stand apart as a more fun way to find the perfect pet. These sites included petfinder, Adopt-a-pet, ASPCA, Best Friends Animal Society, Petco Foundation, and Animal Planet. With my research I determined product opportunities for Furever. This included the quiz, as well as having percentage/ranked results, it being an information site first that leads out to respected adoption/rescue/breeder sites, and giving users information about the pet so they would feel empowered in their choice.


To narrow down ideas I used the whiteboarding technique. That way I could get all possible ideas in one place and find the options that would work best for the application.


Because the name of the site, Furever, does not automatically give away that it is pet related, I wanted to create a fun and whimsical logo that would help users identify that it was related to animals without it being as obvious as having animals or paw prints in the logo. What I came up with was using the T in Fureverpet as a wagging tail.


Low fidelity wireframes were used to create a basis for my ideas of what the app should look like, as well as used for quick and dirty usability testing so I could make quick iterations on the wireframes and ensure the designs were performing as intended.


The final result was an interactive prototype (with a shortened quiz and static results) created using Adobe XD to simulate the interactivity of the site.